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Presentation Title:  Data Governance & Information Quality within Your Supply Chain Organization

Presenter:  Robert Jensen, Spinnaker Consulting Services

When: Tuesday, June 4th 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Type: Conference Session: 45 minutes

Your Business runs on data.  Its accuracy and integrity directly impact your ability to operate at a profit.  Standardized processes fail if data assumptions are not adhered to.  To have predictable, usable, and profitable data requires robust Data Governance.

Improving Data Governance leads to improved data quality, which leads to improved business process adherence, which leads to higher margins and profits.  Properly structured Data Governance initiatives have demonstrated rapid and significant ROI.

Often Data Governance activities are undertaken with a limited scope of regulatory compliance or risk reduction.  By expanding the impact lens of these activities to include the Supply Chain, your company can realize the additional benefits of quality data; such as increased customer satisfaction and decreased expedite and operations costs.

In today’s environment, Supply Chains are run by Advanced Planning and Execution Systems.  These systems live and breathe your data to generate their plans, recommendations, and action alerts.  Your master data drives the framework.  Historical sales feed the planning process.  These systems ingest crunch, and compute make, move, and buy signals.  Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Work Orders, Job Schedules, Transportation Plans – all rely on your data.  Can it be counted on?

Throughout the Supply Chain, there exist a myriad of opportunities to undermine your best efforts.  Bad data creates overrides and rework, stokes uncertainty, drives doubt, and can ultimately lead to costly decisions or outright rejection of the systems and processes you are depending on for your bottom line success!  These bad inputs and bad decisions create rework, delays, non-optimized manufacturing, misdirected shipments, excessive stock, , or worse – empty shelves.

This session will provide insights into the scope, timing, and deliverables for a supply chain DG/IQ initiative.  The audience will be introduced to new terms such as creeping inaccuracy, plan ready, and build ready.  The components of a typical DG/IQ effort still apply, with a heavy focus on data assessment, issue correction, and process standardization.  Case studies will be presented showing how an international consumer products manufacturer, a wine and spirits distributor, a pharmaceutical distributor, and a semiconductor manufacturer each experienced lasting operating savings after leveraging Data Quality Teams to define and implement Data Governance within their Supply Chain Organizations.

By the end of the presentation, all attendees will:

  1. Understand how to effectively approach Data Governance in a Supply Chain Organization
  2. Understand how to determine the hidden ROI of Data Governance within the Supply Chain Organization
  3. Understand the limitations of the typical project-based data quality implementation
  4. Understand the key steps of how to stand up an embedded data governance organization within the supply chain organization

About the Speaker: 

Rob Jensen works for Spinnaker Consulting Services, where he Specializes in Data Governance and Data Quality engagements within supply chain organizations. He has over 30 years of experience in various capacities in and out of IT organizations. His focus on data quality begins in the early 1990s with the formation of McKesson Corporations EDI Services.  For the past decade, Mr. Jensen has applied his skills within the Consulting space, where he could indulge his passions for data quality, travel, and meeting new people.

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